Leadership development programs in population and reproductive health have been undertaken in Ethiopia in the past. Some of these programs are Leadership Development for Mobilizing Reproductive Health (LDM), Visionary Leadership Program (VLP), and International Family Planning Leadership Program (IFPLP). The programs were intended to provide access to leadership training programs to both established and emerging leaders locally and abroad.

A national POP/RH Leadership Network was established in 2000 with the aim to leverage the impact of the leadership program and/to support the national POP/RH efforts. Now the Network is transferred into Community of Practice to enhance its impact in the country.

PoP/RH Leaders Community of Practice is a platform for Leaders of PoP/RH practitioners with a common sense of purpose who agree to work together to solve problems, share knowledge, cultivate best practice and foster innovation in the field of Population and Reproductive Health.


Vision & Mission

We envision improved quality of life for women, men and young people of Ethiopia.

Our Mission is to create PoP/RH Leaders Community of Practices through establishing national/regional networks, fostering platforms for learning, organizing leadership development programs and enhancing partnership with other stakeholders.



  • Enhance partnership and linkages, collaboration and cooperation between and among the members and other development partners
  • Create platforms for collective learning, sharing best practices; facilitate dialogue on contemporary POP/RH issues and challenges.
  • Create opportunities for emerging leaders to learn and develop their leadership skill
  • Complement government efforts in the development and implementation of relevant POP/RH policies, strategies and programs

Key Activities

  • Organize biannual meetings for sharing experiences, innovative approaches and new developments/resources among members
  • Support the establishment and functioning of regional networks and it’s development into community of practice
  • Construct Network’s website, create members database and manage its function and coordinate the facilitation of members dialogue and e-learning
  • Organize/facilitate POP/RH leadership learning programs particularly for emerging leaders.
  • Updating members on key global, regional and national population and reproductive health issues.
  • Experience sharing visits among regions and global partners
  • Mobilize resource for the implementation of the planned activities

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